August release round-up

Since this is the first post in the Annoucements category, it will be a bit of a summary of all the new features that have been implemented over the past several weeks.

  • First custom theme - memoirs!
    You can now choose a theme in the Theme Selector via the Blog settings page. Currently there are only 2 themes:

    … but adding new themes is a top priority. If you have suggestions, please comment on this forum post.

  • Configure your own menu items
    By default we had included an “About” and “Contact” page. You can now create your own page (make the filename start with an underscore, so it’s treated as a page rather than a blog post) - and then setup a link to it from here:

    (The exact positioning & appearance of the link will vary by theme).

  • Search in your own blog
    If you switch to the new Memoirs theme (and any of the other new themes), you’ll see a search icon at the bottom of the page. If you click that and type a search term:
    … you’ll see a Search Results popup showing your reader any blog posts with that text.

    Eventually that will be a premium feature too.

  • Files list in Settings app
    The “Files” page now shows all of the files in your OneDrive Apps/ folder. In future, it will evolve to allow to you quickly do common tasks, like create a new blog post or page. Of course, you can still do that straight from OneDrive, but some things will be quicker from here.

  • Embed Gists in singe-cell tables
    You can now paste a Gist URL into a single-cell table, and it will be embedded into your page:

    (Nice work there Håvard Moås!)

Hopefully that new feature set is helpful to you. What would you like us to work on next? Why not register an account on this forum & jump into the conversation in the Features category - we’d love to see you there :grin: